As we were moving ahead, occasionally we saw brief glimpses of beauty is a performance project, for 3 to 4 performers, on an open stage, in an immersive situation for the viewer, inviting to circulation / Based on an Almost True Story S02 is the second version of an exploration between Gaëtan Rusquet & Lucille Calmel about crisis /
Based on an Almost True Story S01 is a Euro-American science fiction comedy / Meanwhile questions our relationship to architecture and (personal or global) disaster /
Pastorale is a response to the invitation of Antoine Pickels to share the space of the venue (the Grande Halle) with eight performers during the Trouble Festival /
Je d’espace is an installation/performance which fictionalizes reality through the use of physical devices that create sound /
Back-and-forth is a performance based on a comical tool which is derived from its usual purpose: the balloon sculpture /
De deux choses l’une is a durational and sculptural performance which questions the notions of heritage, remembrance and oblivion /
D’ici là focuses on a baroque character who blindly follows a path through different spaces, inside or outside, private or public /